• It's really about people.
    About you.

    You are a totally unique person with totally unique needs. Let us get to know you.

  • The newest old firm in town.

    If you're looking for a progressive accounting firm backed by over 30 years of experience you've come to the right place. In business since 1979, we believe in the value of long term relationships.

  • Our world is changing fast.
    Will you adapt?

    Every day there's a new breakthrough in technology. Let our proactive staff and high-tech tools bring you into the 21st Century.

  • Let us wow you.

    We offer a full range of innovative services and solutions. Together, there's no limit to what we can accomplish!

  • To us, you aren't just a number.

    Although our business is all about numbers, it goes much deeper than that.

  • Who says money doesn't grow on trees?

    Sustainable business practices in a paperless environment speeds everything up, saving you time and money. And it makes Mother Nature happy too!

  • Your success is our success.

    We don't just see you at tax time, but offer you close personal attention throughout the year. After all, we're only as successful as you are!

  • We hire brainiacs with attitude.

    Smart people aren't content with the status quo, but are constantly seeking better ways to do things.

    Our people are hip;
    they're hungry;
    they want to make a difference.

Opsahl Dawson|Accounting For A New Age

Opsahl Dawson combines traditional values with cutting-edge technology to create a "new era" of CPAs.

At Opsahl Dawson we’re willing to scale the highest mountains and dive the deepest seas to help you achieve your dreams. SW Washington’s most trusted advisors for over 30 years, our team of top professionals is dedicated to providing you with close personal service, not just at tax time but throughout the entire year. Being industry trendsetters means hiring the best people, investing in the best technologies and respecting the planet by going paperless. If you are looking for an accounting firm to help launch you into the 21st Century, you’ve come to the right place.

Because at Opsahl Dawson your success is our success.