About Us

President of our firm, Aaron Dawson, and founder, George Opsahl, share many things in common. Both were born in the scenic town of Longview, Washington, both left home to study accounting and begin their careers in the big city of Seattle. And both returned to their hometown to embrace a community better suited to raising families. Both share a commitment to providing our clients with excellent service. Both believe in offering clients the close personal service of a small firm combined with the resources and business savvy of a large firm. Both believe that integrity is the only thing that stands the test of time.

George began our firm in Longview in 1979 and in 1998, after nearly two decades of hard work and grass roots expansion, added a second office in Vancouver, Washington. But there was more growth to come. As a longtime family friend, George enjoyed watching Aaron grow up, sensing a kinship of spirit when Aaron decided to pursue a career in accounting. A man feels a deep loyalty to the business he has spent his life building. So when the time came, it was only natural that George would ask Aaron to help shepherd the second generation of his company into the 21st Century.

Imagine how Aaron must have felt that day in 2009 when he picked up the phone to hear George’s plan. He had always admired the older man’s drive and achievements. Aaron welcomed the opportunity to share in the adventure.

It was the most important moment of his life.

Except, of course, for the moment he first set eyes on wife-to-be Jen at Western Washington University, where the two met while studying accounting. Jen’s winning personality, natural talent for numbers and down-to-earth smarts turned out to be the perfect balance for Aaron’s visionary spirit. With Jen’s support, the decision to join Opsahl came easy for Aaron. The couple applied what they had learned while working for progressive companies in Seattle to take Opsahl Dawson paperless, allowing both offices to collaborate seamlessly.

Today, Opsahl Dawson is flourishing. Because we know that our company is only as good as its employees, our relentless pursuit of excellence drives the effort of training and recruiting top professionals from the best schools in the Pacific Northwest. We strive to coach a winning team.

Turns out George and Aaron share more in common than serving SW Washington’s local communities. The most important thing they share is their belief in you.

Because at Opsahl Dawson your success is our success.