Meet Our Award Winning Team

Aaron Dawson, CPA
Aaron Dawson, CPAManaging Shareholder, Director of Tax
Jen Dawson, CPA
Jen Dawson, CPAShareholder, Director of Assurance
Matt Lee, CPA
Matt Lee, CPAShareholder, Golf Team Director
Sierra Eckman, CPA
Sierra Eckman, CPAShareholder, Chief Culture Officer
Don Houck, CPA
Don Houck, CPAPrincipal
Angela Woodward, CPA
Angela Woodward, CPASenior Manager, Walking Tax Encyclopedia
Debbie Ralston, EA
Debbie Ralston, EASenior Manager
Ursula Perkins, CPA
Ursula Perkins, CPASenior Manager
Sam Christensen, CPA
Sam Christensen, CPASenior Manager
Kelsey Elwess, CPA
Kelsey Elwess, CPASenior Manager
Sheri Karpa, EA
Sheri Karpa, EASenior Manager
Marianne Knight, JD, CPA
Marianne Knight, JD, CPASenior Manager
Mindi Eleazer, CPA
Mindi Eleazer, CPAManager
Megan Hays, CPA
Megan Hays, CPAManager
Adam Rasmussen, CPA
Adam Rasmussen, CPAManager
Jessica Hemard, CPA
Jessica Hemard, CPAManager
Christel Dinkler, CPA
Christel Dinkler, CPAManager
Ted Davis
Ted DavisSenior
Kelly Raby, EA
Kelly Raby, EASenior
Nicole Strand
Nicole StrandSenior
Tae Wells
Tae WellsSenior
Justin Schauer, CPA
Justin Schauer, CPASenior
Justin Jenks, CPA
Justin Jenks, CPASenior
Echo Rosky
Echo RoskySenior
Kendra Widger
Kendra WidgerSenior
Connie Dixon
Connie DixonSenior
Andrew Nelson, CPA
Andrew Nelson, CPASenior
Marcus Lowe
Marcus LoweSenior
Nick Dawson, CPA
Nick Dawson, CPAAssociate
Sam Bates, CPA
Sam Bates, CPAAssociate
Amanda Foshaug
Amanda FoshaugAssociate
Dennis Henderson
Dennis HendersonAssociate
Andrew Dorsey
Andrew DorseyAssociate

Seasonal Staff

Don Webb, CPA
Don Webb, CPASenior
Ron Peterson
Ron PetersonSenior
Mike Tressler
Mike TresslerAssociate
Wendy Peebles
Wendy PeeblesAssociate
Amy Smith
Amy SmithAssociate

Administrative Staff

Patience Hill
Patience HillFirm Administrator
Patty McCord
Patty McCordAccount Administrator
Karen deRenne, CPA
Karen deRenne, CPAController
Carrie Kimp
Carrie KimpAdministrative Assistant
Melodee Ferguson
Melodee FergusonAdministrative Assistant
Dana Pound
Dana PoundAdministrative Assistant