Andrew Nelson, CPA


Growing up Andrew loved to play baseball and basketball. Being 6’ 5” and left handed in high school gave him advantages at first base and underneath the hoop. Cardio training for basketball taught him endurance and how to never give up.

His love for business and numbers lead him to the accounting profession. “I love success stories.” You will hear him say. “While earnings are a part of any business success story, I believe that success is more than the bottom line. It’s about excellence and quality in everything, from how a business is run to the product or service offered. It includes the impact on the community. Real success is about making a positive impact in all areas.”

In 2018 Andrew will complete his MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management and after passing the final test he will have his CPA certification. When not in the office he loves time with his family, snowboarding, and the out-of-doors.