Carrie Kimp, Administrative Assistant


Carrie is the anchor of our Lacey office front desk where you’ll find her greeting our clients with a smile. Her positive attitude has radiated like sunshine throughout our firm since she started in 2005. Carrie graduated from Portland State University and has a degree in Women’s Studies. She brings to us an extensive business background in real estate, marketing, customer service relations and administrative management.

When she’s not maneuvering the numerous duties of our front desk, you’ll find her happily working away in her community garden and cooking up delicious gourmet meals full of the freshest homegrown vegetables. Carrie also enjoys spending time with her little dog, Maggie, discussing politics, and is an avid reader of nonfiction books.

Carrie is an active participant in her community. She volunteers for the local nonprofit organization Urban Abundance whose mission is “Connecting people to create a secure food future.”