Dana Pound, Administrative Assistant

Dana Pound

Administrative Assistant

Need a partner for a trivia game, call on Dana.  I possess the ability to retain copious amounts of information and then forget my name.  This “talent” together with an innate problem-solving capability and willingness to learn has served me well in my career pursuits, garnering leadership roles in a variety of fields.

Beginning as a legal assistant locally, I then moved to a large firm in Seattle working in government relations.  After several years of the “big city”, I moved home and accepted a position in the healthcare field contracting with medical providers and facilities to form HMOs and PPOs.  I was also tasked with researching the cost medical procedures to establish reimbursement panels co-authoring a syllabus on “CPT Coding for Maximum Reimbursement”.  My next stop was as project manager of the BPA Traveling Construction Crews contract.  As liaison between BPA and numerous labor unions, I provided the labor forces needed by BPA to assist them in repair and maintenance of their substations over five states.  I was responsible for contracting with the unions to secure the manpower needed, travel arrangements and a complicated payroll and benefit reporting as the crews moved throughout the states.  Next leap was logistics where I spent the last 17 years moving freight, vetting trucks and handling claims.

I’m a true Northwesterner who loves our distinct four seasons – even the rain.  Three grandchildren (so far) call me “Yaya” and we thoroughly enjoy our adventures together.  Always up for a challenge, I am currently learning American Sign Language.