Erika Agren

When Erika was in the fifth grade, she wanted to be a lawyer just like Perry Mason. So much so, that instead of a backpack she insisted on a briefcase to carry to school. The briefcase she chose was not your traditional black or brown, but a mint green one. This describes Erika to a tee – professional, but with a spark!

Erika joined the firm in 1998 and has held many different roles. Like Johnny # 5 in the 1986 movie Short Circuit, Erika is hungry for information. She enjoys researching any topic and is relentless until she finds the answer.

Outside of the office she prioritizes having fun with friends and family. Erika enjoys her volunteer work at Life Works (a non-profit agency serving those with intellectual and developmental disabilities) and serves on their Board of Directors. She feels it is important to be involved in the local community and to support local businesses.