Gemmalyn Fausto, CPA

Taking challenges positively and continually learning has made Gemmalyn who she is today. Gemmalyn currently lives in the Province of Tarlac in the Philippines. In 2017, she graduated college at Tarlac State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. In the same year, she decided to take the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination. She achieved not just her goal but her family’s dream to become a Certified Public Accountant.
Gemmalyn used to be someone who was timid but her prospective changed when she decided to go out of her comfort zone and see the real world. It all started when she was hired at an Auditing firm in Makati City. She had been an external auditor for more than a year. Thereafter, she become an Accountant in a private Real Estate company. Life experiences really did and continually helped her grow as a person and these are the keys to her success in Gemmalyn’s career and personal life.
Reading is one of Gemmalyn’s favorite pastimes. When given a chance to take time for a break, you can also find her travelling and appreciating the beauty of nature. Watching the calm scenery of nature gives Gemmalyn the different kind of relaxation that her mind and body needs.