Jim Gates, EA


The one thing to know about Jim is when he starts talking about how good he is at accounting, you better believe it. But when he starts telling his wild fishing stories…well, let’s just say you better take those with a grain of salt. While Jim enjoys his work as an accountant, he’ll be the first to admit he would rather be taking his boat out for a day of fishing, especially with family and friends. After all, the only thing more fun than catching fish is watching kids and grandkids catch fish.

Jim is a graduate of Lower Columbia College. He joined our firm in early 2003. In 2005, Jim obtained his Enrolled Agent certification.

After graduating from Kalama High School, he focused on his military training and was assigned to the USS Long Beach CGN-9, serving aboard her during the war in Vietnam. Prior to entering the field of accounting, Jim worked in local industries and helped his wife, Shelby, operate a custom fishing rod business for more than twenty years.

As a senior in the firm’s entity services group, Jim works with a wide variety of entities, non-profit organizations, as well as individual taxation. He is skilled both in the art of tax and financial statement preparation.

Jim and wife, Shelby, reside in Woodland and enjoy spending time with their son, daughter, and grandson. Jim enjoys music, rooting on the Mariners, crabbing at the coast, and fishing and hunting in the local area.