Kalon Scott-Subsits

Kalon, who was raised in the quiet town of Toledo, WA, is like a wanderer, always looking for new adventures. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Management from Eastern Washington University in 2022 and then jumped into the professional world. For over a year, he worked at the Futcher Group, gaining valuable experience.

Kalon is not just about numbers and business. He’s a big fan of the Seattle Kraken, finding joy in the excitement of ice hockey and the team’s journeys. Running is his go-to for both physical exercise and mental refreshment. Beyond his professional and sports interests, Kalon has a diverse range of passions. He admires Keanu Reeve, who serves as a role model for him. Although Kalon’s journey is still unfolding, it’s characterized by a deep curiosity about the world and a readiness to embrace the unexpected.